The Beman Committee of the Pullman Civic Organization

The Pullman Historic District extends roughly from 103rd Street south to 115th Street, and from Cottage Grove east to Ellis Avenue. Within these boundaries exist about 900 houses built largely between 1880-1884 as part of the company town of Pullman; one of the nation’s first planned industrial communities. Although the Pullman District enjoys State and National Landmark status, it is the Chicago Landmark designation that provides legal protection for the historic architecture within its boundaries.

As an all-volunteer local stewardship group, the Beman Committee has a mission to provide Pullman property owners with information and guidance on maintaining and restoring these unique historic structures in accordance with Landmark guidelines. A comprehensive Homeowner’s Guide has been designed to provide helpful information and up-to-date resources.

In 2004, the Beman Committee launched the Pullman Historic Façade Reimbursement Program. Matching funds of up to $1,000 per project are awarded annually to owners of properties within the area serviced by the Pullman Civic Organization (PCO) to support the preservation and compliant façade restoration. In 2008 this program received a Preservation Excellence Award from Chicago Landmarks and in 2009 it was awarded the prestigious Richard H. Driehaus Award along with the Pullman House Tour.